Flying Systems

Foy’s patented flying systems, mechanical devices and state-of-the-art automation control software are world-renowned for their superior performance, ease of operation and matchless reliability. 

 At Flying by Foy, we begin by determining which equipment is best suited to the desired effect and provide you with the finest manual, motorized or automated systems available, always under the expert supervision of a Foy Flying Director.

Inter-Related (or Multi-Point) Pendulums

Inter-Related (or Multi-Point) Pendulums are ideal for creating highly-controlled, spectacular free flight in venues with a high ceiling and open space.  It is typically used in conjunction with automation, as manual operation requires a high degree of skill, strength and stamina.

Floating Pulley 

The Floating Pulley is a robust system particularly suited to flying heavier loads in venues with at least double the required lift height.



Track-On-Track.  Originally designed for low height applications, Foy’s most ubiquitous track system lends itself to quick, simple installations and long-term, trouble-free operation.


The Ultra-Lift is generally used in situations where it is necessary to maximize travel distance and lift height.  The system was designed to be less conspicuous in arenas and other venues where the apparatus operates in full view of the audience.

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